This Maltese Application focuses on the development of the first key skill: Phonological Awareness, particularly at a Phonemic, Syllabic and Word Level of awareness. As a key literacy skill Phonological Awareness is one of the building blocks of literacy development. Children need to be aware of the first, middle and final sounds of words. They have to be aware that words are made up of building blocks too; syllables. Word-to-picture matching is another important tool, easing the child towards more confidently identifying words whilst reading. Rhyming also helps the child attain a greater familiarity with different words whilst recognising that different words can have certain similarities in sound. Through the use of this application, children will be learning these fundamental literacy skills in a fun and engaging way.


Robusta solutions were entrusted to develop an activities- based Mobile Application ‘Naqra Naqra’ for the Speech and Language Pathology Department. The development of the App was funded by the Vodafone Malta Foundation to be used in the treatment of children with speech and language difficulties. Robusta solutions delivered on time and on budget; demonstrating a consistent professional and accommodating attitude throughout the project.

Vodafone Malta Foundation