A mobile app needs to be an integral part of a holistic digital strategy.

With over 1 billion smartphones worldwide and a bit less than 200 billion mobile applications downloaded annually, mobile apps seem to be here to stay!

A mobile app needs to be an integral part of a holistic digital strategy and a business should have an effective vision behind the development and deployment of a mobile app. Great apps help users find information and carry out tasks more quickly and easily.  Creating a mobile app to have your brand look sexy is not enough.

These are some useful tips to keep in mind when crafting your mobile application:

  • ensure your app has a great user experience
  • keep your app simple yet useful
  • do not simply replicate your website into an app
  • apps can’t be developed in a vacuum – It’s important to have a well-defined role for the app vis-a-vis customer experience
  • always have a clear customer journey map before contacting a development company to create your app
  • your app should be clean, minimalistic, uncluttered, and have “a light touch”

When one looks at the sentiment around mobile apps and the future advancements in this space, the following  areas are the ones we foresee will have the biggest growth in the mobile app sphere:

  • internet of things,
  • social networking,
  • m-commerce and mobile payment systems,
  • object recognition,
  • augmented reality and
  • location-based services.

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