Irrespective of the company’s size via a mobile app you can be visible to your target audiences at all times.

Mobile App development is not just the next fad and in thing that simply makes a company look sexy, but an opportunity for organisations to achieve tangible advantages that benefit their brand sentiment and equity, customer loyalty, and their revenues.

Increase Brand Visibility

Irrespective of the company’s size via a mobile app you can be visible to your target audiences at all times.  It is of utmost importance, when budgeting, that a solid marketing budget is dedicated to raise awareness about the app’s existence (ex. Google Ads and Social Media Content).

Add Value to clients and prospective ones

Always ask the question ‘So What?’.  You have to give end users a good reason for them to download the app and value added to keep it on their device.  People would rather use up their device’s memory with selfies rather than with apps they barely use.  Value added can be in the form of incentives (like offers or coupon codes), info dissemination (such as hints and tips, extended opening hours notifications), loyalty points collection schemes and many others.

Additional touchpoint to your communication mix

In the past organisations used to focus on telephone numbers, fax numbers and office opening hours – today, through a mobile app an organisation can be contacted at any time in a personalised one-to-one manner.  This would show that an organisation really cares about its clients base and is there to first-and-foremost listen.  The setting of an appointment, asking a question to an expert, filing a complaint are all types of communication that can flow through this potential new touchpoint.

Create a new Marketing (Direct) Channel

Go down direct and personal in your marketing.  In this day and age message overload is the order of the day and everyone is constantly being bombarded with marketing messages (mostly in guerrilla ways).  A mobile app can help a brand reach out to those who really care about it (…those keeping the app on their phone!) in the form of news, push notifications, geo-driven messages and tailored messages (ex. by interest).  Chances of client engagement and subsequently conversion into sales is greater this way.

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